A Proactive approach to your IT needs. Imagine having the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business’s IT systems are being monitored.

A Revolutionary Change in Computer Support

Proactive IT Support takes a different approach to computer support. Rather than just respond to problems after the fact, we use our state-of-the-art automated systems to check your systems proactively every 5 or 15 minutes. We’ll nip problems in the bud before – not after – they disrupt your business.

- Keeps you safe by automatically checking your backup every day.

- Keeps you up & running by automatically checking your event logs first thing every morning.

- Keeps you in contact by automatically checking your

email systems every morning.

- Keeps you running by checking your Windows services,

TCP ports and network connections every few minutes.

- Keeps you safe by checking for hacker attacks.

- Keeps you safe from harm by automatically checking

your anti-virus systems each and every day.

- View and print your asset Inventory Report and get an

exact picture of what hardware and software you are


- And do all these things automatically – with an

advanced Care System that doesn’t get sick, distract

or go holiday.


- Peace of mind for just $60 per month

- Anywhere access on your mobile phone

- Anytime access to to Asset Management

Reports including Asset Inventory and

Change Reports

We have a range of reporting options that keep you informed – and assure you that we’re doing our job.